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EA vs Zynga

Many gamers following the recent proposed lawsuit between EA and Zynga, are worried about the outcome. Neither company are well liked right now, and the worry is that if EA wins, it may set a bad precedent in the future that will allow larger companies with money to squash smaller games companies.

The problem here is, Zynga isn’t just making a similar game. Zynga is making the same games and has being doing so for quite some time and getting away with it. I dislike EA very much, but I honestly hope this case “does” set a precedent, because I don’t think Zynga is the only company who’s figured out their disgusting secret to success. They’re letting other companies do all the hard work for them and making millions. It’s an abhorrent practice that needs to be illegal so it stops ruining what should be one of the most creative and rewarding industries ever. If EA wins this I hope they strip away much more then money, and then I hope every company Zynga has ever ripped off circles in to peck at the carcass until there’s nothing left.

Then maybe people can get back to actually designing games, rather then more and more shady companies making money hand over fist off the talent they don’t have, and the effort they can’t find.

I normally wouldn’t ever say anything like what I’m about to say but please, reblog this if you agree. Get the word out so that people know to avoid all of Zynga’s little ripoff games. And more then anything, let the world know we aren’t going to tolerate crap like this in the video game industry anymore.

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